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The Acheulian Goddess

A nomadic hominid tribe who predated even the Neanderthal era has been recently carbon dated as camping at Berekhat Ram (in the modern-day Golan Heights region) between 232,000 and 800,000 years ago.

From scoria stone they carved the astounding figurine which, according to the Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society, "...might be considered the earliest manifestation of a work of art."



It is remarkable to note the similarities between the Willendorf and the far older Acheulian. Both figures are distinctly female, great breasted with featureless head and discrete limbs. Using flint tools, the maker of the Acheulian intentionally adapted an existing small stone which already had breast-like Mother Goddess features "...by adding incised grooves delineating the head and arms." Like Willendorf the Acheulian appears to have a groove suggestive of the sacred vulva.

Over a thousand miles and an amazing quarter-million years separate this piece from the famous Willendorf Goddess find in Austria. Until the past few decades, the Willendorf, carved of bone circa 32,000 years ago, was held to be the earliest human crafted work of art and veneration.

This discovery is a phenomenal indicator that our worship of the divine feminine, the Blessed Mother still venerated as Mary, Kali, and Kwan Yin today, could have extended fully 200,000 plus years deeper into hunter-gatherer antiquity that previously suspected!

Sacred Source is proud to be the only available source for this reproduction, which is based on drawings and photographs from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Institute of Archeology, where the original is housed. We have recreated the Goddess at twice the original size to emphasize her shape, fecundity and power.

Hold her in your hand and join us in wonder!

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