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"One of the highlights of my course Women's World was using Sacred Source archetypes. Thank you for the powerful earthy figures."
Dr. Susana M. Sotillo
Montclair (NJ) State College

I now have fully one hundred of your magical statues! They make my altar come alive with beauty and power; the room is full of their energy. By the way, although I live only 12 miles from the epicenter, NONE of Sacred Source's statues were damaged during the Los Angeles earthquake!
Pat Ruggerio
Santa Monica, CA

We use your pieces at Unitarian Universalist service and for our "Rise Up and Call Her Name" workshops. You've enriched my life, and through use of Sacred Source statues, the lives of many others.
Prof. Jo C. Searles [right]
State College, PA

Sacred Sources's catalog is a treasure of depth and wonder. The power of what you communicate is truly moving. I thank you for the gift.
Dan Hobbs
Tarrs, PA

"You offer treasures that celebrate the Goddess in all Her guises. The statues are magnificent."
Deborah Ann Light
Clergy, Covenant of the Goddess

"My friend Miriam Dexter, author of Whence the Goddess, and I used Sacred Sources's Inanna statue as part of a powerful ritual. As you note, she is the goddess of natural phenomena. The result was thunder then a major rainstorm, the first rain on that date in 100 years."
Laura Tackett
Los Angeles, CA

"As a Methodist minister I use the statues to teach classes in comparative religions. I love the primal feel of your Willendorf made from clay."
Randy Barthel
Toledo, OH

"When I unwrapped my Yogic Christ , it was even more beautiful than I expected. Your company demonstrates love at work on all levels. Many thanks!"
Cecelia Soprano
Stamford, CT

"I do believe these statues are sacred. Never before could I enter into deep meditation just by holding an art object in my hand."
Joanie Gibbs
Baltimore, MD

"I shop by mail a lot. All of your shipments have been perfect - and they get here so much faster than any other mail order. Thanks!
Elaine Downing
Novato, CA

Want to customize your Sacred Source Statue? You can easily modify our finishes, as does Robert Bly, using water-based acrylic paints available at any craft store.

"I like tremendously your clay images of the gods and goddesses, and I support the work that Sacred Source is doing with the village artisans of India. I enjoy painting your terracotta images by hand myself."
Robert Bly, author of Iron John
Minneapolis, MN

"Every time I go by the beautiful Hanuman I feel joy at the happiness and lightness and depth it represents."
Ram Dass
San Anselmo, CA

"Earth-nurturing images are so fragile, so important. Sacred Sources's are great! I use them in my classes."
Tom Haydon
Santa Montica, CA

"Sacred Source offers an immensely rich and varied collection of images for those who wish to reconnect with the primal Mother Goddess, earth-consciousness, and the ancient deities of Nature. This iconography is long overdue and is very happily realized at last by JBL's artisans."
Barbara G. Walker, author of The Women's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects, and The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets
Morristown, NJ

"Your project is very important and exciting, particularly as it provides meaningful and remunerative work for third world artisans. Thank you for the high recommendation of (my book). Warmest regards and best wishes."
Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and the Blade
Pacific Grove, CA

"I ordered a wonderful statue of the Sainte Germaine Kernunnos - the image with the removable antlers - and was so impressed with its artistry that He has now become the centerpiece of my household altar."
Pete McDonald
San Jose, CA

Recently I purchased 5 figures from your collection. Every one of them was wonderful, but the Green Tara has become the favorite of my sandplay collection. Your merchandise is consistently of high quality, and service was so prompt and courteous.
Kathie Carr
Concord, CA

I received today my Hindu icons of Brahma, Visnu, Siva and Krishna, The molding, shaping and painting are so superb that I have ordered images of Siva and Laxmi-Visnu.... they will be very useful, I believe, in helping my students to understand the powerful significance of iconography and symbolism for Hindu believers.
R. Wayne Perkins, Chair
Dept. of Religion and Philosophy
University of Evansville, IN

Your catalog is a treat in its presentation, and in itself is the most concise summary that I have found of the major icons of Hinduism and their relative meanings. I'm also impressed by Sacred Sources's level of integrity as shown by helping the artisans of India.
Bob Dewhurst
San Francisco, CA

I love your catalog! The statue descriptions are encyclopedic and very informative. You offer a very gentle, Sufi-like presentation of all the goddesses.
Wahaba Heartsun
Publisher of Heartsong Review
Cottage Grove, OR

There are many "new age" catalogs that have a sort of half-baked notion about the items offered. Yours however is very full, concise, accurate and even scholarly. It spells out everything. Thank you very much for your wonderful service.
Tim Dinesha
Buffalo, NY

Yesterday we spent the afternoon painting our Green Man plaques - we enjoyed it so much that very soon we plan to order a couple more to paint. We think they look great!
Ann Wallace
Alexandria, VA

Sacred Source's pieces have an authentic charm. They are fired using the ancient terracotta technology of old pagan cultures, and the artisans work in a community process, just as when the original icons were made.
Morning Glory Zell
Church of all Worlds
Ukiah, CA

I want to honor you for your devotional and focused energy in service to our fellow-beings and to Mother Earth/Goddess. Thanks so much for my visit, and for your helping 50 villagers in their craft. My statues are on my car altar.
Jan Daugherty
Santa Cruz, CA

FINALLY! A supplier of quality Gods and Goddesses who really delivers, making Celtic and other deities available at reasonable prices to Wicca and archetype customers. Here's our reorder. We can't keep your pieces on the shelf!
Carol Bulzone, Owner
New York, NY

Your catalog is gorgeous! What an exquisite repository of cross- cultural spiritual art. I look forward to getting many, many more of your images.
Mike Hunter
Tallahassee, FL

Thank you for the wonderful statue of Pan that I received yesterday. For the first time in years I am able to update my personal altar to the Lady and Her Consort; you have helped me make it a thing of great beauty.
Ms. Lynn Walker
Cleveland, OH

We think your statues of Lord and Lady are fantastic! Ever since our hand-fasting at Starwood last year we have been adding them to our altar. Many thanks.
Lee and Leslie Carleton
Richmond, VA

This is more than a catalog, its a book! I read it cover-to-cover and couldn't put it down. Your refutation of the rule against "graven images" is so important to healing our culture.
Ann Bryant
Homewood, CA

There is nothing quite like Sacred Source anywhere that I have seen. My family life, my classes at college, have been enriched by connection to this spiritual diversity that was lost to so many for so long. The statues let me see my shadow side much more easily. Thank you for the peace and gentleness that shows in your work.
Prof. John J. Malarkey III
Wilmington College
New Castle, DE


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