Ancient Archetypes for Transforming Contemporary Culture

Welcome to JBL Statues the catalog of over 150 ancient archetypes.

Our artisans create statues, figurines, and plaques. Many of the pieces offered by JBL are made from Ganges river clay, continuing an ancient tradition. It was to honor the understanding of Godhead that images of the divine feminine and sacred masculine were first crafted. Our Bronze Age fore parents clearly understood the relationship of humans to plants, animals, the Earth and its cycle of seasons. They created ritual to sacramentalize the spirit and emotion engendered by the divine order.

Thus as early as 50,000 BCE, clay images were used to give form to Godhead worshipped within Nature. The sky was a phallic dome, the soil a fertile womb, lightening their orgasmic union, rain the propagating seed, grain the holy offspring. Devotional images encapsulate this mystery, becoming repositories for human love and awe of the Divine.

We believe that today as never before, humankind needs this healing iconography. Earth, Water, Air and Fire, these are the magical elements that go into our statues. Rich clay is raked from the sacred Ganges River and molded into beautiful form. The statues are wind-dried, then sun-baked and kiln-fired.

When you order from JBL you are directly contributing to the livelihoods of our fifty-family artisan cooperative, who have specialized in the hand crafting of clay deities for many generations.

We hope when you gaze upon your image, studying and absorbing its Earth-healing content, you will become reattuned to your own personal process of transformation. From JBL's families to yours we send greetings of love and peace.

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