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Altar Woodworks
Gorgeous handmade wood altars, but you've got to brush up on your German to read the page.

Amulets from Avalon
Chalice Well, Goddess, Arthurian and Celtic Jewelry made in Glastonbury, England.

Barefoot Czarina
Naturally original, regally fabulous, handmade jewelry.

Bezoar Stones
We are dedicated to helping the public in accelerating their spiritual growth and evolution; we are offering many empowerments and magical items, including genies, talismans and magical stones that are deprived from animals and plants.

By The Sea Jewely
Handcrafted jewelry worn by the waves, recycled by the sea.

Castle Books
Castlebooks offers articles and interviews on the mythology of Joseph Campbell and the Hero.

Chateau Bizarre
"Better living through total decadence! Chateau Bizarre is a subcultural newspaper and link portal for small, strange businesses. We welcome the exotic and unusual."

Gargoyles and dragons, "where stone meets silicon."

CUUPS Twin Cities Pagan News
A Community Celebrating Sacred Cosmos. Visit website for essays, Pagan news, features and Pagan events in Minnesota.

Daily Terminal Zenith Man
Custom crafts dedicated to the enhancement of one's spiritual path.

Dark Net
A comprehensive collection of web sites covering may subjects relating to magick, spiritualism, the new age, the unexplained and much more.

Dragon Muse
E 'Zine of The Dragon's Muse, Clearwater, Florida.

Duggan Photo
"At Duggan Photo we are very happy to offer a unique and exclusive selection of gallery quality fine art photography and notecards, featuring images of flowers, landscapes, woodlands, boats, and seascapes, all at wholesale prices."

Full Moon Paradise
Webring of merchants prividing links for the Pagan/Wiccan Community.

Gnostic Communications
Gnostic Pagan Tradition related to spiritual transphysical sites.

Goddess 2000 Project
The Goal of Abby Willowroot is to put a Goddess Image on every block. This is the home page of her wonderful organization.

Goddess Gift
Information-rich site to celebrate and nurture the goddess in every woman. Discover your goddess type. Personality report, scientifically valid, to promote personal growth & spiritual development.

Goddess School
"The purpose of The Burning Branch Coventry of the Feminine Divine is dedicated to restoring spiritual balance by restoring the Divine Feminine to her rightful place by assisting women in their personal and spiritual development."

Aromatherapy & Metaphysical Products.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
A site of Hermetic wisdom run by Sandra Cicero.

Immortal Ink
The official tattoo artist for half of Sacred Source.

Amazing magickal products from the East, includes talismans, empowerment rituals, genies, magickal pearls, knowledge papers, etc.

Institute for Creative Living
A Spiritual Oasis of Free Inspirational Resources. Free spiritual resources for your inspiration, including gifts, articles, meditations, e-Books, e-Zines, & more.

Karuna Arts
"Encourage world peace and religious harmony with multicultural prayer flags and banners, Goddesses and Gods symbols, peace symbols and words of many languages, and images of sacred beings from many paths for Universal Worship. Brighten your walls with inspiring banners!"

Layne Redmond
Home page of drummer and author Layne Redmond.

Moon Phases
Find the phase of the moon for any year.

Moonlight Mysteries
Beautiful Celtic Jewelry & Ritual Supplies for the Pagan and Wiccan practitioner.

Moontress Press
A publishing company specializing in Metaphysical Fiction.

NatureSpirit welcomes diverse people of all ages who feel Nature is an important part of spirituality. We are located in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Open Sesame
This is a web site for Wicca, witchcraft, white magick, Pagan spirituality, mythology, past lives, and global Pagan networking.

Peace and Harmony
Ring of sites related to natural healing, meditation, green products, and other holistic sites.

Project Sheba
Educational Page about Queen of Sheeba by performance artist Miri Hunter Haruach.

Raven's Loft
We offer a wide range of unique items and supplies to help the serious seeker experience and explore the Craft of the Wise.

Red Moon Herbs
Wildcrafted and organic herbal medicines, handcrafted by wise women of the Blue Ridge.

Sacred Texts
This site is a freely available non-profit archive of electronic texts about religion, mythology, legends and folklore, and occult and esoteric topics. Texts are presented in English translation and, in some cases, in the original language.

A Magical Shop offering spells, magic, mystical talismans, occult, charms, voodoo, wicca, witchcraft, whitemagic, rituals and more visit and explore this amazing mystical world.

Shalin Craft - India
World's largest cyberstore of handcrafted apparel, furnishings, jewelry, and books from India.

Soulful Living
Let our monthly online guide for personal and spiritual growth help guide you along your path.

Tales From The Woods
We are a collection of Pagan poetry writers leaning towards the peaceful spectrum.

Tantra Magic
The on-line source for all your sensual essentials.

Time to Speak
By author Joyce Allan. A place to join in a new kind of conversation -- Speaking out against child sexual abuse.

Twin Oaks
An intentional community in Virginia that supports itself making organic tofu and hammocks.

Welwood Works
American Celtic Wands, Sticks, Staffs and Stuff.

Wicca Search
A good Pagan search engine run by the Crowleys.

Wild Rose
The Shamanic Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge is a center for the study and practice of esoteric healing and psychology, energy work, spiritual astrology and prophecy, metaphysics, and flowering tree and other shamanic ceremonial rituals.

Witches' Voice
Portal of all things Pagan.

Ashram of Sri Gurudev Satchidananda teaching Integral Yoga in Virginia.

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