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The following are altars we've featured in the past.
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Altar by Laura
"My daughter Rainey sits beside our Solstice altar."

Laxshmi standing poster #PR-LLaxshmi statue #L9
Altar by Mirabai
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Altar by Autumn
"The altar that my husband and I had for our handfasting."

Beltane altar, by Saffronmane

Isis Altar by CinWitch03
"This is another Altar in my Home, I have four Altars all together, this one is Dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess Isis, with other Deities, such as Horus, Bastet, and Anubis. Thanks for looking :)"

Ganesh Altar by KJ & MJ
"Just one of the many altars we share in our home.   Enjoy!"

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Altar by Titania of Elysium
"The plaque reads Energy Peace Harmony Wisdom and the candle reads Wealth. There is the Earth Mother, Merlin, Excalibur and a plate with Demeter and Persephone."

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